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Latin Translation: MARVIN Riddle

by Marvin
(Phoenix, AZ)

Dear Latin Teacher,

I was given a riddle to solve and I'm stumped. I was asked to look within my first name to understand something but the letters were mixed up.

This: Marvin
Is now this: nam vir
And then finally this: "avi"

I don't know what that means..."avi" ???
or is it "via" or "iav" ???
i'm stumped

Dear Marvin,

Not sure what to make of the whole riddle. Nam vir means "for a man" or "because a man", and avi may mean either "of a grandfather", if it is from avus or "to/for a bird", if it is from avis.

Not much help, unless you can help clarify what kind of riddle this is. Why are only three letters used in the second word?

If it is via, that means "road" or "way".

Hope this helps, and thanks for asking a Latin teacher.



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