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Latin Translation: Heart of a Warrior, Mind of a King

by Cindy

Could you tell me what the correct translation for the following quote is in Latin? This is for a headstone and I'm hoping to have an accurate translation. Thank you.

"Heart of a Warrior, Mind of a King"

Dear Cindy,

Anima Bellatoris, Regis Mens

This is the literal translation into Latin of the phrase you asked about: Heart of a Warrior, Mind of a King.

Anima has many meanings, but most frequently soul, heart, spirit.

Bellatoris means of a warrior and has the Latin root bellum, war.

Regis means of a king, from rex, king.

Mens means mind, and our English derivatives such as mental and demented show the Latin root ment-.

You might play with word order, too. Bellatoris Anima, Mens Regis (A Warrior's Heart, the Mind of a King).

Hope this helps, and thanks for asking a Latin teacher.



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