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Latin Translation: Courage Life Hope

by Ryan
(Roseville, CA)


I'm planning out a tattoo of a semicolon (to signify my fight against my depression and how I have chosen to keep living my story instead of ending it), and I wanted to put the words Courage, Life, and Hope with it in Latin.

I want to stick with nouns, and use male appropriate versions (I know in some Latin based languages they have masculine/feminine versions of words).

So, before I get it permanently inked I wanted to make sure that I had everything properly squared away. Thanks in advance!

Dear Ryan,

Courage Life Hope in Latin is Virtus Vita Spes

Virtus = Courage, manliness, virtue

Vita = Life

Spes = Hope

I recommend that you get a good Latin Dictionary and look up each word. As nouns, they do not change gender. Each dictionary entry will help you understand the nuance of the word before you ink.

BTW, I very rarely reply to tattoo submissions, but yours seems so simple and sincere that it moved me to answer.

Hope this helps, and thanks for asking a Latin teacher!



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