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Latin Tattoo

by Anonymous

I found a latin quote that I like: degero tui quietis

I was told it means live your dreams.

Since I am considering it for a tattoo I want to be 100% that is what it means.

Dear Anonymous,

I no longer advise readers on Latin tattoos. It's too much responsibility for my peace of mind. Your Latin phrase, however, does not mean what you think it means, so please don't!

Hope this helps, and thanks for asking a Latin teacher.



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Seek out professionals!
by: Anonymous

It is a serious matter to deal with Latin tattoos, and I have seen online over a hundred inked into skin that are completely wrong.
Yours is certainly wrong, and makes nonsense grammatically. Please try using qualified professional translators. Google 'Latin Tattoos' and try one of the specialist companies for Latin tattoos, like Classical Turns.
Best of luck!

Ami x

Thanks, Ami x -- That's why I no longer advise visitors to my sight about tattoos. I get too many requests from readers contemplating a bad Latin tattoo!


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