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Latin Tattoo: How do I write it?

by Damián Della Libera
(Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Dear Latin Teacher,

This site is great, just what I was looking for...

I'd like to get a Latin tattoo which says "always remember life is too short and you might not be here tomorrow, so don't worry, be happy and seize you life daily, trusting as little as possible in tomorrow". How do I write it?

Thanks in advance!!!

Dear Damián,

Your idea for a Latin tattoo reads very closely to a famous poem from Horace, Ode I.11. It is so close that I cannot provide a translation other than to send you directly to Horace's poem.

It is here in a previous post about another Latin tattoo. Hope you find the exact lines you are looking for in your Latin tattoo. By all means send another note if you have more questions.

Sorry that I can't provide a literal translation for you. It is just too close to the Horace, and I would never mess with the great and famous original. Hope this helps and thanks for asking a Latin teacher.



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