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Latin Phrase: I Am Well

by Barbara R
(Virginia Beach VA)

Dear Latin Teacher,

How do I say I am well in Latin?

Dear Barbara,

The simplest Latin phrase for I am well is valeo, which means literally I am well or I am healthy. You can see the root of this verb in the English words valid, validity, invalid, and validation.

In Latin, this verb was used also to say good-bye: vale to say farewell to one person, valete to two or more people. It means literally be strong or be well. And so our English derivative valedictorian, or the one who says farewell to his or her classmates.

Other Latin phrases for I am well include: bene me habeo, meaning I am feeling fine, and bene est mihi, meaning it is well for me or I am fine.

In Roman letter writing, one common first sentence after the salutation was si vales, bene est. It means if you are strong/healthy, it is well. I have also seen si valeas, valeo. This means If you should be well, I am well.

Hope this helps, and thanks for asking a Latin teacher.



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