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Latin Phrase: Astra Velum

by Robert
(Portland, Oregon, USA)

"Astra Velum" is said to mean "veil of stars."

My question is, wouldn't the genitive plural ("astrorum") be called for instead? Or is "astra velum" an acceptable or alternate or idiomatic construction. Thank you!

Hi Robert,

I've never heard this Latin phrase before. You are right, it seems to me, that the genitive is needed. Without knowing the source, though, it is difficult to dismiss the phrase astra velum.

Standing alone, the phrase astra velum would mean the stars are a veil, i.e. astra (sunt) velum.

The only reference I can find is from a photographer who produced a series of images of women with freckles. The images are striking and beautiful. If there is another source, I can't find it. Perhaps the artist himself, Fritz Liedtke, created this Latin phrase.

Anyone know?



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