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Latin Mottos: College of Life, etc.

by Simon


Very sorry to bother you. I am an author, currently writing a book about a fictional utopian college. The college is known as the 'College of Inventions' - but its official title is in Latin. Would this be "Collegium Inventa?" And one of the departments is the College of Life - Collegium Vitae?

Also, the motto is "Without labour/ hard work, dreams die." So far I have "Sine labore, mori somniat" but I'm certain it's not quite right. Could you help?

Many thanks! :)

Dear Simon,

College of Inventions: Collegium Inventorum.

College of Life: Yours is Correct!

Without labour/hard work, dreams die: Sine Labore, {Somnia Moriuntur}.*

*This one is a bit too literal in Latin. "Dreams" are not a desire for future things in Latin. Neither do they "die". You might try Desiderata Pereunt, which means Those Things Longed For, or Desired, Pass Away, Perish, Are Lost.

Hope this helps, and thanks for asking a Latin teacher.


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