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Latin Language

by Hannah
(Anderson, SC)

Dear Latin Teacher,

Help! I have several questions about Latin language:

How do you say to work in Latin?
How do you say to call in Latin?
How do you say to sail in Latin?
What does laudatory mean?
What does the latin noun fama mean?
What does the latin verb monstro mean?

Thanks, Hannah

Dear Hannah,

Laborare is to work, vocare to call, and navigare to sail.

The English adjective laudatory comes from the Latin root meaning to praise (laudare). It means containing or expressing praise.

The Latin noun fama has several wide-ranging meanings: rumor, report, fame, or reputation; public opinion, ill repute. In Vergil's Aeneid Fama, with a capital F, is personified as a huge feathered creature who walks with its feet on the ground and its head in the clouds.

The Latin verb monstrare means to point out or to show. English derivatives include to demonstrate, demonstrative, and monster.

Hope this helps, and thanks for asking a Latin teacher.



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