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Latin Language: Submission before the goddess

by Anonymous

Dear Latin Teacher,

I am trying to state correctly in Latin, the phrase: Submission before the Goddess is all that exists.

So far, my best guess is: Obsequium ut Dea est quicumque futurus. Or... Obsequium ut Dea est.

Dear Anonymous,

Your little Latin phrase might be translated literally thus: obsequium ante deam est totum.

If by submission you mean loyalty, dutifulness, etc., then perhaps pietas is better than obsequium, which implies simple obedience.

Pietas has been used to expressed loyalty to God or to the gods from early Roman literature through modern Christianity.

Pietas est servire deo et colere deum. To serve God and to revere God is pietas.

To substitute goddess in this Latin phrase would be: Pietas est servire deae et colere deam.

Hope this helps, and thanks for asking a Latin teacher.



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