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How to Translate Statuum
De copiis auxiliaribus statuum Imperii

by Dave
(Aurora, IL)

Dear Latin Teacher,

I can't translate the following title:

De copiis auxiliaribus statuum Imperii

Here statuum is the plural of status but it is in the genitive case. I can't figure out what noun it is modifying nor the correct translation of title.

Dear Dave,

Sometimes, later Latin is tough for us classicists. The title you mention is found in a volume dated 1685, a time when Latin vocabulary had changed considerably from classical times.

Here, statuum means "of the states". The classical Latin we know and love would have used natio, patria, or civitas, but never status.

So, try this: Concerning the Auxiliary Troops of the States of the Empire.

For a reference, see David Morgan's excellent Latin Lexicon online, then scroll down to .gvt nation, state, country / natio, patria, civitas; status (mdv., ecc., Milton).

Hope this helps, and thanks for asking a Latin teacher.



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