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How do I pronounce Touritopsis Dorhnii?

by Cate
(Los Angeles)

Hello - how would I phonetically pronounce the species name Touritopsis Dorhnii? Is it TOUR-ee-top-sis DOOR-nigh, or DOOR-nee?

Thanks so much!!!!

Dear Cate,

The pronunciation of scientific nomenclature does not follow the rules of Classical Latin or Ecclesiastical Latin. It also differs from country to country around the world.

I would treat the final -i as the final -i of alumni, i.e. it sounds like eye. See other medical or scientific Latin such as latissimus dorsi or fungi or stimuli.

Another question is whether to pronounce both i's: is Dorhnii two syllables or three? I would stick with two in modern scientific Latin, but I almost want to hear Dor-nee-eye. But stick with your first suggestion, DOOR-nigh.

Hope this helps, and thanks for asking a Latin teacher.



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