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H Pronunciation: Haud crede colori

by Trav
(Lake Jackson, TX)

In the Aubry/Maturin book, HMS SURPRISE (in the early 1800s), Dr. Maturin says "haud crede colori."

Is the H pronounced in 'haud'? I give the time reference so that one may take into account how Latin was taught.

Thank you

Hi Trav,

I think a ship captain of the English navy in the early 1800's would have pronounced the H of haud. The French captain, I think not.

With the character of Dr. Maturin it is more difficult to say. He seems to be Irish on his father's side, but of a Catalan mother. Given that he was educated in Spain, I would guess that he would not pronounce the H of classical Latin.

But if he spent much time with the English or the Irish, he would likely begin to put a little H into it.

Hope this helps, and thanks for asking a Latin teacher.



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Dr Maturin
by: Trav

The good Doctor also attended the University of Edinburgh.

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