Geology Lesson Plans

Create geology lesson plans for students of any age. Read on and explore to make critical connections between science and vocabulary.

Elementary Science Lessons:

Your elementary students love to learn about rocks and soil. They love to draw mountains and streams. Don’t miss the opportunity to teach them basic geology.

The basics of any subject start with vocabulary. Geology offers a huge array of new words for elementary students.

Middle School Science Lessons:

Geology is the perfect subject area for your energetic and curious students in grades 6-8.

There are hundreds of new words to teach and learn through the study of geology.

High School Science Lessons:

We all know high school students loath the tedium of memorization. So build a great vocabulary lesson plan and give them that unexpected “ah-ha” moment.

Many basic geology words have roots that help students build a vocabulary worthy of the college freshmen they are becoming.

Explore these links for derivative lists, puzzles, and games to help your high school students enjoy new vocabulary.

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