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Gender related latin question: Veritas Lux Mea

by Eric
(Richmond, Va)

Hi there,

There is an expression in latin, 'Veritas Lux Mea,' which I am told indirectly translates to, 'Truth be my light.' I love this expression and want to get it tattooed on my body, however, I have been told it might not be gender appropriate (I'm male), but I have also been told that because it is an expression, it doesn't matter that it is feminine. If it does indeed matter that it is feminine, what would be the proper way to say it.

Thanks very much in advance.

Hi Eric,

Your translation of Veritas lux mea is correct. The literal translation is Truth my light, without any verb expressed. Translators often add 'is' or 'be' to help it flow in English.

It happens that the word light (lux) is feminine in Latin, and that is why the feminine adjective mea is used. But grammatical gender has no bearing on the gender of the person who may adopt the phrase as personally meaningful.

So don't change a thing, and Veritas lux tua! (May truth be your light!)

Hope this helps, and thanks for asking a Latin teacher.



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