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Embrace the Moment: Latin Translation

by Astaushia Witherspoon
(Paso Robles)

Dear Latin Teacher,

I have found the translation for embrace the moment to be tempus amplexandi. However when translated backwards it reads a time to embrace. Is there a more definitive translation?

Dear Astaushia,

To me it seems that Embrace the moment is a command. "Embrace" is the imperative, "moment" is the direct object.

In Latin, a bit too literally: Amplectere tempus

The problem with being too literal in translation is that the Latin phrase produced would never have been used by a Roman.

When we say Embrace the Moment, we mean live life in the present, be thankful for the opportunity and experience of today. That sentiment is often expressed in Latin by the phrase Carpe Diem.

Hope this helps, and thanks for asking a Latin teacher.



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